Data and Digital Innovation

The Data and Digital Innovation (DDI), led by Scott Heald. DDI’s purpose is to harness the power of innovation and data science to transform, expand and release the potential of our data and information assets in order to lead a data driven approach to improving public health outcomes nationally and locally.

Scott leads the directorate responsible for the collection, access and use of data to derive insight and drive innovation in how we protect and improve health. 

Scott has a background in statistics and has worked in the health and care field for over 25 years. He is also our Head of Profession for Statistics and has the authority for deciding on methods, content and timing of the release of our statistics. 

Chris is responsible for development and delivery monitoring of the digital and data strategy, technical lead for application of digital technology and data science in product development. Additional responsibilities include information governance, data protection, asset management and records management.

Chris is from a management consulting background, with a focus on digital and data strategy. He holds certifications in data architecture, analytics, and agile leadership.

Carole is responsible for four key areas including Consultancy Services, Discovery, eDRIS and Whole System Modelling. These teams provide a range of invaluable skills and services: easier access to comparative healthcare information for service providers, predictive analytics, data linkage, modelling and statistical analyses and provision of a trusted research environment for secure access to data for researchers.

Carole started as an analyst working in NHS Lothian before moving to Information Services Division to work nationally on a variety of areas such as maternity, neonatal and data linkage.

Fiona is the lead for data management. She provides advice on all aspects of data collection and quality, management and monitoring of all data flows (for over 100 datasets) to ensure availability for analysis. Fiona also works with a wide range of data suppliers to resolve local data issues, and IT suppliers for national data issues.

Prior to her role in PHS, Fiona held various Head of Service positions in one of the National Services Scotland (NSS) Strategic Business Units, leading the Finance and Performance Management Functions, Bespoke Specialist Services and leading development of data and information systems.

Elaine’s areas of responsibility include Information Delivery – production and dissemination of national and local information and intelligence on the delivery and quality of health & care ensuring that they are tailored to our customer needs. Covering six programmes: Health and Social Care, Primary care, Prescribing, Unscheduled Care, Quality Indicators and Resources - supporting those working to improve health and reduce health inequalities in Scotland.

Elaine has over 35 years’ experience of working in the NHS. During this time her roles have involved leading and managing people across a diverse portfolio of national information sources.

Last updated: 06 October 2022