What is RADAR?

Rapid Action Drug Alerts and Response (RADAR) is Scotland’s drugs early warning system.

Using innovative data collection and validation methods, RADAR assesses and validates information to:

  • allow for the rapid and targeted deployment of interventions
  • prevent and reduce the risk of drug-related harm

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Who is involved?

Public Health Scotland coordinates the national programme.

We use a partnership approach to support local services, community members and public health teams, to ensure the system is relevant and meets the needs of the people and places it serves.

RADAR involves people and services from across the country and it is made up of three multi-agency groups:

  • The Development Group: formed of communication, data and intervention subgroups that support system design and development, including the creation of a communication and response toolkit.
  • The Network: a wide and inclusive group that collects and shares drug trends and data, helps to validate information and processes outputs and communications.
  • The Assessment Group: a specialist technical team that studies data, assesses potential threats and decides on action to reduce harm.

Optimising public health surveillance is a priority of the Drug Deaths Taskforce and is defined in the Scottish Government’s National Drugs Mission.

Last updated: 06 October 2022