Since 6 May 2022 public health agencies in the United Kingdom have been responding to an outbreak of mpox.

Here we present the most up-to-date information for healthcare professionals – we are collaborating with partner organisations and will update these pages as this situation evolves. 

On 19 July the four public health agencies of the United Kingdom updated the principles for mpox control in the UK.

Current situation

As of 6 August 2023 there have been 98 laboratory-confirmed cases of mpox reported since 23 May 2022.

Weekly mpox surveillance data updates ceased from 20 December 2022.

The majority of cases are adults known to be gay, bisexual, or other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) and report travel within 21 days of symptom onset.

Name change

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that 'monkeypox' should now be referred to as 'mpox'.

The name change is to address concerns around stigmatising language associated with the disease.

Learn more about the change in the press release from WHO (external website).

Guidance for professionals

Social media toolkit

View and download social media assets to help spread our message.

Enhanced surveillance

Enhanced surveillance data is being coordinated by devolved administrations and submitted centrally to a UK mpox database at UKHSA.

Country-level data will be available to devolved administrations in real-time.

For confirmed cases, submit an enhanced questionnaire – this is available on SHPIR (login required).

Infection control guidance


Vaccine doses administered

As of 28 May 2023, 5,050 individuals have been vaccinated for mpox. 2,201 have completed a primary course* and 2,848 have received a first dose only.

*a primary course is two doses or a single dose if previously vaccinated against smallpox in early years.

Sexual health clinics continue to administer vaccinations to high risk individuals.

Workforce education resources

Access TURAS for resources on vaccination against mpox using MVA-BN vaccines.

Informing PHS and requesting the vaccine

Information for local health protection teams about how to inform PHS following public health assessment and how to request the vaccine.

You will need a SHPIR login to access this.

Green Book

View the Green Book, chapter 29 for vaccine information about smallpox and mpox.

Further vaccination information

View information on mpox vaccination on NHS inform. There are also details of local sexual health services.

Last updated: 14 September 2023
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