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We have created resources for the public and healthcare professionals about CARDRISS to share with patients.

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National statistics publication

View the latest national statistics on congenital conditions in Scotland.

The publication summary, full report, data tables and technical report can all be downloaded from this page.

The annual publication is currently produced using a linked dataset (the Scottish Linked Congenital Condition Dataset (SLiCCD) which was created by Public Health Scotland (PHS) as an interim measure while the CARDRISS register was being developed.

The technical report provides details of:

  • underlying data sources that are used in the linked dataset
  • analysis carried out on the data 
  • how it all fits together to produce the figures 

The first publication using data held on the CARDRISS register is expected to be in October 2023. 

Previous national statistics publications

PHS has released publications focused on congenital anomalies.

Previous releases are available from:

Research publications

PHS used the linked dataset on babies with congenital conditions (SLiCCD) to examine the occurrence of congenital conditions following maternal exposure to SARS-CoV-2 infection or, separately, COVID-19 vaccination just before or during early pregnancy.

Reassuringly, we did not find any increased chance of the baby having a congenital condition following either maternal infection or vaccination.

Learn more about the research paper (external website).

Engagement event

Public Health Scotland co-hosted a CARDRISS Engagement webinar with Genetic Alliance UK and the Office for Rare Conditions Glasgow in September 2022 (external website).

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Last updated: 17 January 2023