Public Health Scotland (PHS) is today publishing a preliminary report on the impact of the COP26 summit on COVID-19 infections in Scotland. While early analysis is encouraging, the full impact of COP26 on COVID-19 infections in Scotland is not yet known. PHS will publish an update to this report later this year.

Angela Leitch, Chief Executive of PHS, said:

"In the run up to COP26, and throughout the last fortnight, PHS has worked closely with stakeholders to ensure the safe and successful delivery of this crucial summit

"I am grateful to the organisers from the United Nations, the UK Government, Scottish Government, NHS boards and other public health bodies who have supported our enhanced surveillance efforts.

"Today’s report shows that COP26 has successfully concluded without any significant public health risks being identified. A further report will be available later in the year which will provide a more detailed analysis.

"I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to this outcome, through their cooperation we have been able to hold this major international event during the pandemic".

Last updated: 06 October 2022