Public Health Scotland (PHS) has collaborated with Higher Education Institutions to create a comprehensive repository for COVID-19 Research in Scotland.

The repository, which contains research about COVID-19 in Scotland in a range of formats, is a fully accessible and searchable digital resource.

The creation of a fully searchable COVID-19 Research Repository reduces duplication of effort and makes research easier for policymakers, researchers and the public to find and use.

By providing easy access to recently published research on COVID-19 in Scotland on a single shared platform, PHS hopes to enhance the visibility of leading research and promote Scottish research to a national and international audience.

Dr Garth Reid, Interim Head of Knowledge & Research Hub, Public Health Scotland said:

"Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, PHS has been working to make data and information available to the public health community, policymakers and the public.

"As the volume of COVID-19 research being generated began to increase at pace across Scotland, we identified a need to make everything easier to find. The repository does just that by bringing COVID-19 research together on a single shared platform and providing full-text open access to research wherever possible.

"This is a great way to encourage a collaborative approach to COVID-19 research in Scotland".

Last updated: 06 October 2022