The COVID-19 daily dashboard has been updated and from today, 26 February 2021, includes data on vaccinations received by individuals in Scotland.

The data includes those who have received their first vaccine dose, second dose and the type of vaccination. The dashboard will include breakdown by age range and geographically by Local Authority area and NHS Board. It will also include a daily trend analysis.

It is intended that reporting by priority group, as specified by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), will commence shortly. The breakdown by geography and population categories in the dashboard will increase over time as data becomes available. PHS will also continue to produce more detailed analysis in our weekly COVID-19 statistics publication. The vaccine data will be updated daily on our daily COVID-19 dashboard, and can be downloaded from our open data portal

Diane Stockton, Programme Lead for Vaccination Surveillance at Public Health Scotland (PHS), said:

"Together with our partners in local Boards and Government, PHS will continue to provide crucial information on the numbers of people being vaccinated to help inform the roll-out of Scotland’s COVID-19 Vaccination programme.

"Vaccination is a critical part of the public health programme and will play a vital role in keeping the virus under control. It will take time to establish the impact of the vaccines on transmission of the virus, so it’s important people who have been vaccinated continue to follow FACTS at all times”.

Phil Couser, Director of Data Driven Innovation at Public Health Scotland said:

"Our aim is to share timely, accurate and relevant data and information to ensure the people of Scotland’s have trusted sources of insight to the national response to COVID-19. As more data becomes available and as the management of the pandemic develops, it’s vital that we review and adapt our approach to ensure that our data and information is as meaningful, accessible and accurate as possible".

For more information on the work we are doing to support the vaccination program, visit our COVID-19 vaccinations page.

Last updated: 06 October 2022